Before & After You Read a Book

BEFORE you BEGIN a book:

Look at:

1.  the front cover

2.  the book “blurb”

3.  the back cover

4.  the title

5.  the first page


Write in your reading log using one of the following prompts:

I think this book is going to be about ________________________________  because ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ (must be at least 5 sentences).


I noticed ___________________  so this makes me think this will happen in my book.________________________________________________________________________________________________

After you FINISH a book:  WRITE LONG (all the way down the page)

Look back at your post-its and write longs

1.  What was your most important thinking? Why?

2.  Did your story have a life lesson. Explain and show evidence.

3.  What surprised you about the characters in the story?

4.  Which character changed the most? Why?  
Show evidence AND PAGE NUMBERS